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Jimmy & Sarah on the Sunset Strip

Jul 30, 2018

Like many men in the Carrigan family, Sean coulda been a contender, but instead he chose a different and perhaps more fearsome boxing ring: Hollywood. He scored a knockout in his very first bout, winning first place on reality TV's "Next Action Star," and seemed on his way to the top. Yet his first film received scathing reviews, sending Sean right back to the undercard. That's when, like Rocky Balboa, Sean embarked on a training montage, widening his focus, hitting the books, taking acting classes, and honing his chops at standup comedy. Sean talks with Jimmy and Sarah about his ups and down of his fascinating journey, and how he finally landed a career-marking role of "Stitch" on The Young and the Restless, leading to his current stint on the acclaimed American Vandal and the upcoming action film, Le Mans 66.