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Jimmy & Sarah on the Sunset Strip

Mar 26, 2019

Darrell Hammond is a comedy icon: 14 seasons on Saturday Night Live (not counting his current gig as announcer), more appearances than any other cast member, and impersonations of over 100 celebrities, including more than the constitutionally allotted two terms as Bill Clinton. In this unmissable conversation,...

Mar 20, 2019

Mike Falzone was simply searching for a platform to promote his music when he had stumbled upon something called YouTube. Now, millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers later, Mike reflects on the happenstance of being one of the frontiers of the social media movement. Musician first, standup comic...

Mar 13, 2019

The first rule of improvisational comedy is to AGREE, and not only did Kiff VandenHeuvel nail down the rule, but he also added AND to actor, director, renowned voiceover artist, teacher, podcaster, husband and father! In this fun conversation, Kiff reiterates the rules of comedy and how it's shaped his career and life.

Mar 5, 2019

It would appear that John Pirruccello has always been a working actor. Currently starring as Detective Loach on HBO's hit show Barry, and a slew of hit shows before, John also had an impressive run as a commercial and voice-over artist. But in this compelling chat, John talks about the lull between gigs, what he's...